Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Ocean City, MD Vacation Rentals

Where do I check-in?

If you have booked a rental property at The Braemar Towers, you will check in at our on-site office, which is situated between the two buildings on the ground level.


If you have booked a rental property at any other location, you will check-in at our Main Office, located at 8606 Coastal Highway (oceanside).


If you are staying with us during the off-season (September through May), your check-in location may vary, as our staffing schedules change that time of year. We will notify you via telephone of your check-in location.


What if I arrive early? Can I check in before 3:00PM?


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee early check-in times. We must ensure your property has been cleaned & inspected before your arrival. If you get in to Ocean City before the 3:00PM check-in time, please call our office to check on the status of your property. If it is not ready for check-in, we will take your cell phone number and call you if the housekeepers and inspectors have cleared it for check-in.


What if I will be arriving after your office has closed?


Our offices close at 5PM each day. If you will be arriving after 5PM, or are concerned you might arrive late, please call our office and we will provide you with our convenient & easy late check-in instructions.


During the off-season (October through March), we close at 1PM on Sundays.


What do I need to bring with me?


You will need to bring (or rent) linens; this includes bed sheets, pillow cases, bath towels, and wash cloths. Your bed sizes will be listed on your Lodging Agreement, but feel free to call or email us if you need the bed sizes again.


You will also want to bring soap and paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.).


The kitchens in our rental properties are fully-stocked with dishware, silverware, pots & pans, cooking utensils, etc. Coffee filters are not provided, but all of our properties are equipped with a coffee maker (most properties have a standard drip-style coffee maker, but you may check with our office to see if your property has a Keurig coffee maker).


Can I reserve the same property for next year before I leave?


Absolutely! Your check-in package will include an Advanced Reservation Request Form for you to return to us when you check-out.When the owner of your property renews for the next season, we will notify you via email. While we cannot guarantee the same week and property for you in advance, in the event the property is sold & the new homeowners do not place it into the rental program, we will contact you and assist you with finding another property we think you’ll enjoy just as much!


Can I grill at my rental property?


The Town of Ocean City does not allow grills or other outdoor cooking equipment to be used within 20’ of multi-family dwellings. Multi-family dwellings are those buildings that contain three or more dwelling units, which may include townhouse complexes.


We have a selection of single family home rental properties where grilling is permitted, and grills are provided. However, for all other properties, Ocean City has 3 public parks where charcoal grills are provided! (You must bring your own charcoal.)Northside Park on 125th Street, bayide; Gorman Park on 136th Street, bayside; and Fiesta Park on 141st Street, bayside. Visit Ocean City Parks & Recreation for more information.


Does my rental property allow smoking?


All of our properties are non-smoking, and some Condominium buildings do not allow smoking on the balconies or the common areas. Contact us for more details about your rental property’s smoking restrictions.


CENTURY 21 New Horizon also asks that you please consider refraining from smoking on balconies, especially in the summertime when your neighbors will have their windows & doors open to enjoy the ocean-air, summer breezes.


How much do I have to pay when I book, and when is my balance due?


At the time of booking, you will pay approximately 55% of your grand total, and your balance is due 30 days before arrival. For bookings made less than 30 days in advance, your balance is due in-full when you make your reservation.


Can I make payments before my final payment is due?


Of course! If you’d like to make payments along the way, we are happy to accommodate you. Contact our office via telephone whenever you’d like to make a payment.


Am I able to make payments online?


At this time, we do not accept payments online. You can make payments over the phone, or you can mail a check or money order. We do not accept checks less 30 days prior to arrival, so please be sure if you plan to pay by check that you place it in the mail at least 1 week before your final payment due date.


What payment methods are accepted?


We accept Discover, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards. You can also pay with an electronic check (AKA “eCheck”) over the phone, or mail a paper check or money order. Please be aware we do not accept eChecks or paper checks less than 30 days prior to arrival, so please be sure if you plan to pay by check that you place it in the mail at least 1 week before your final payment due date.


What if I have a maintenance or housekeeping concern?


We strive to provide you a clean & hassle-free vacation. However, if you have a concern during your stay, please notify us immediately. CENTURY 21 New Horizon works with the best licensed and insured vendors in Ocean City to ensure timely resolutions.


What if I lock myself out of my rental property?


If it’s during our regular business hours, visit the office where you checked-in and we’ll loan you a spare set of keys. If you get locked out after hours, call our office and follow the prompts for the on-call service, who will dispatch a CENTURY 21 New Horizon agent to assist you. Lock-outs are charged a $75 cash only fee.


Is there a registration fee for the property/building where I’m staying?


Many of the larger buildings in Ocean City charge a registration fee at arrival. This fee is not charged by CENTURY 21 New Horizon, and therefore you will not see it itemized on your Lodging Agreement; however, it will be listed in the ABOUT YOUR ACCOMMODATIONS section of the Lodging Agreement to make you aware prior to your arrival. Most buildings accept cash only, and the fee is non-refundable.